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Energy Efficiency

Have you ever wondered just how energy efficient your home was? How could you improve it? Well here is a little guide to the biggest problems linked to high energy bills. There are three main reasons you are paying too much and it lies in the construction of your home. 


Did you know the roofing you choose for your home greatly effects your energy bill? However, metal roofing; like Dura-Loc, are amazing for cutting energy costs long term.

Unpainted metal roofs are good solar reflectors but poor thermal emitters. This means they reflect all solar energy. On the other hand a painted metal roof is better with both reflectance and emittance! That means they keep the home a reasonable temperature year round.

roof vent.jpg

Roof Ventilation

Have you ever noticed these little things sticking up from your roof? Those are vents and they are absolutely necessary to keep your roof in tip top condition. Keeping temperatures even throughout the winter and cool through the summer so damages to your roofing do not occur. Roof vents along with proper insulation are used to keep sheathing cool. The best way to ensure proper ventilation is to have soffit-to-ridge vents as well as ridge vents and air chutes to blow warm air out and keep cool air in.


Windows provide a lot of light into your home, but with that comes higher energy costs as well. So what's the solution?...

Double-pane windows. These windows have an insulation factor that set between two panes of glass. They retain heat in the winter as well as prevent excessive heat gain in the summer. How you frame windows also affects energy costs. We prefer vinyl frames as they stand against climate extremely well, Fiberglass is also highly recommended but costs more than traditional vinyl.

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Luckily these are easy fixes. Making changes to be more energy efficient may seem costly at first but they are so beneficial when it comes to lowering your energy bills and they are also so good for the environment!

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