New Build 2020

2045 SF -Started 8/20/20- In Progress

Greene Home - Front.jpg

Week 1: Breaking Ground

Dirt work is the first essential step to build a house. This is the basis of the entire project. We spend time making sure the land is perfect and ready to build on.

"Without labor, nothing prospers."

Week 2: Plumbing

Once the dirt work is laid out, our plumbers insert the plumbing necessities to be concreted in. It is crucial to get this step done accurately so we spend a lot of time measuring!

Week 3: Concrete


After the plumbing is checked we pour the concrete. This is the slab in which the house itself will reside. It is important that this step take place during dry weather.

Week 4: Framing


When framing takes place, the entire project starts coming together. The drawings become real life!


Week 5: Wrapping and Windows

House wrap goes on to prevent rotting and excess moisture while allowing any existing moisture to escape to the sheathing. Windows are in and they look amazing! 


Week 6: Siding 


Once the house wrap was completed we began installing the hardie siding. Most home owners choose hardie siding because it is very durable and is unlikely to peel, fade or rot. 


To Be Continued...